Persuasiveness – a salesman’s job

It’s my job to write your message in the most persuasive words. But only if it is relevant, credible and comprehensible in the first place.

OK. So people finally accept that there might be a need. They even believe that your product might be a possible answer to it. They understand why and how it could solve the problem.

Now it’s time to convince them that they’d better buy your product and not your competitor’s. It’ll hardly surprise you to hear that I’m happy to help there, too. After all, that’s the core business of advertising – moulding your message into the right form to be attractive to the viewer, the reader, the user. Finding the right words. I will.

I hope, however, that I’ve been able to show why my job neither begins nor stops there: anyone but those with divine powers must make their message relevant, credible and comprehensible before we can even start thinking about trying to persuade.