Glad you´re here

Welcome to my website. I am a bilingual copywriter. Here to solve your problems. B2B and B2C. All industries. All media. Want to learn more?

There’s one thing I don’t need to tell you: what copywriters do. Because if you’re looking for one, you already know.

A bilingual copywriter with more than 30 years of experience, I write in German and English. Since 1999, I've been self-employed as a freelance communications consultant. This website should give you an overview of what I can do for you, and an idea of the ways I think and work. The individual chapters are rather elaborate to give you an impression of how I write, too. When you’ve had enough (or if you wonder whether I can express myself shortly enough for the Twitter generation), please click the the ‘140 Chars’ flag on the right-hand side for the ADHD-optimised version.

You won’t, however, find any work done for my clients. That's for three reasons:

  1. With recent work, you never know if it’s still confidential or whether the customer agrees to my claiming authorship at all.
  2. Not so recent work is – well, old stuff.
  3. In most cases I never get to see the final material myself – it's briefing in, script out. And scripts, I'm afraid, are rather unsexy.

If you can’t tell from my website whether I’m good enough a copywriter for your purposes, I’ll be glad to wrap up a little package of selected work. Or why don't you give me a test job?