Relevance – a translator’s job

I translate what you have to say into something the target group wants to hear. So they can see why they actually need your product.

Mind you – what’s important to you is not necessarily relevant to the consumer, who may well be preoccupied with problems of her own: She’s in for root canal treatment tomorrow. Her daughter has been caught shoplifting. A well-meaning citizen has keyed the side of her car. And her husband – well, let’s not go into that. Does your message offer a remedy for all these problems?

My job is to translate what you wish to say into something she wants to listen to. Even if you may have difficulty recognising your input afterwards.

Relevance is not always obvious either. People easily fail to see the benefits of your offering, on the simple grounds, for instance, that they have gotten along without them all their lives. It sometimes takes a good amount of chiselling to make the uninitiated see David in the block of marble. I can help you with that, too.