Why I love to be in advertising

Because I’m curious about the workings of the world. And what I learn in my work adds up to another view on the world – its man-made parts.

In my private life, I devour books about the workings of the world. Cosmology, evolution, brain research, linguistics, you name it.

Working for so many different brands across all kinds of industries adds up to another view on the world – the man-made part of the universe. At first, the picture is a rather motley one. But over time, patterns emerge.

It’s not just about communications or selling. From orange juice to nappies to smartphones – you learn all about the way products are made, about global supply streams, about workflows, logistics, geography, economics, the underlying politics. And suddenly you read a book about medieval history and you go, “Ah! They had the same kinds of problems we have. Now I’m getting the picture.” And I sit there, scratching my head and wondering why I found history so boring at school.