Lazy to save your time

Few things are improved by milling them over and over again. In your best interest, I generally try to finish projects within three drafts.

When I was a pupil, I was known to hand in my essays long before the set time was over. My teachers usually encouraged me to go over them again, and if I didn’t, reprimanded for ‘not being thorough’. My marks generally proved me right, though.

To this day, I do not believe that you can really improve a project by milling it over and over again. At the very least, your enthusiasm will get lost in the process, and that doesn’t help much. To avoid that, I tend to listen very carefully during the initial briefing and even more so to the rebrief. As a result, I typically do not need more than two drafts to complete a project (maybe a third to really polish it up). But that should be it.

It satisfies my laziness. And it saves your time.