Why I love to be a freelancer

Because being free to choose who I work for is highly satisfactory. As the farmer said, ”Contented cows give better milk.”

Unlike an agency, I have the freedom to pick the brands, products and services I work for. (Of course, agency have to pay all their employees and to make provisions for tougher times. So they often do not have a lot of choice, and neither do you as their employee.)

I do not work for military products or services - they violate my ethical persuasions. I do not work for political parties becausemost of the time I’m not convinced they have an honest product. (I have, however, worked for local politicians, even some from parties I’d never vote for, because I could see they were doing a good job.) I work for pharmaceuticals only if I believe that given the indication, I’d eat them myself. And I don’t do fags. Not because I’m a militant non-smoker, but because cigarette advertising is so excruciatingly boring. I stop working for clients when the chemistry doesn’t work out. I don’t like that, but it’s usually better for both parties.

As a result, I am a very happy man and a highly motivated worker. When I work for you, you can be sure that I have chosen to do so because I want to do it, not because I have to. As any farmer will tell you: Contented cows give better milk.