What You Can Get from Me

Strategy. Concept. Bilingual Copywriting and Lyrics. Adaptation German<>English. Full service & coordination. Training & supervision.

Copywriter is a very misleading term. It suggests that I write copy. That I do indeed. It’s about 5% of what I do.

Because before you can start to write, you need to think through what you’re going to write. What you’re not going  to write. How to arrange the bits and pieces. Where your writing is about to appear and what the reader’s mindset will presumably be at the time of reading.

Before that, you need to understand what the product is all about. How it works. Why people would want it. Where they can find it. And so on.

Once (or better, before) you’re finished writing, you furthermore want to consider the ways your writing will reach the audience – over the Internet, in print, through TV or radio ... No one person alone can see the final copy through all the related processes. You need a team to make things happen. Art directors. Producers. Programmers. Photographers. Printers.

After 25 years in the business, I can join you at any stage of the process – from strategy development through the concept stage to the actual execution, working either with your specialists or bringing in excellent resources from my own network to cater for any kind of request.