Dogged to the end

Normally I’m pretty fast. But some projects do take longer. No matter what, I’ll keep doing my best until you see the desired result.

I went freelance in 1999. Since then, I remember hardly an incident where I didn’t see the project through to the end, and if it was the last thing I did for the client. (That indeed has occurred occasionally).

In my coining phase as a young copywriter I worked for Procter & Gamble. A single TV ad going through 42 versions and more was pretty much business as usual. Today I’m older and a bit wiser: I’ve become better at determining the right point to pull the plug and press the reset button. If something takes so long to put right, there’s probably something fundamentally wrong with it in the first place; better start over. Having said that, copy development takes as long as it takes, and I’m happy to bear with you till it’s done.

I’d like to point out, by the way, that in contrast to a popular cliché among creatives, I’ve always liked to work for P&G. They might get under your skin at times, but they do expect you to have an opinion and fight for it. Even though they may not always agree with the creatives, their attitude is marked by respect. I have always appreciated that.