Why I love to be a creative

I may be a copywriter, but I don’t like to copy. I much prefer to find my own solutions. But unlike a free artist, I needn’t invent problems.

Apart from pictures, I’m also rubbish with following (not writing!) manuals and established ‘ways things are done’. I simply have no patience for them. Especially as a kid, I always had to have my own way. As I grew up, I gradually learned that there are no shortcuts in life and that it’s sometimes a good idea to do as you’re told – learning to drive is a good example.

As a creative in advertising, though, reproductive solutions are not much asked for. I’m not only free to find new ways to express things but I’m expected to. Accordingly, my professional life never gets boring.

On the other hand, there is another great advantage: people come to me with problems they want solved. Unlike a ‘free’ artist such as a painter, a musician or a novelist, I can strictly focus on the solution. I never have to invent the problem first.