Looking for a jingle, a corporate hymn, the sing-along hit for your Christmas party? I've written songs since student days.

Writing words to music is not necessarily among the competencies of a copywriter, as it takes a minimum of musical understanding and training. In my private life, I’ve been a singer/songwriter for longer than I’ve been in advertising.

Oh, I can hear my younger colleagues scream in agony, “Starlinger, you’re so old-school! You cannot possibly offer jingles on your website. Jingles are so out!”

I’m very old-school indeed. I’ve been around long enough to know that fashions come and go. And then they come back again. So maybe you are the pioneer to reintroduce jingles into advertising. Or else, you would like your staff to sing along a couple of motivating verses to a popular tune at the next Christmas party. I might just be your man.